The Rogue-A River to Run (Book)


A rare opportunity for huge savings on a collector edition! Wooldridge Boats is reprinting the original book, “The Rogue A River To Run” by Florence Arman with Glen Wooldridge. It’s jam-packed with more than 265 pages of historic photos, facts, interviews and personal glimpses into the life and times of Glen Wooldridge (1896-1986) and the evolution of Wooldridge Boats.

“A River Man With No Equal”

“This is the story of a unique man. One of the definitions of unique in my dictionary is “being without a like or equal.” That fits Glen Wooldridge to a T. He is a river man. There are none like him and I contend he has not equal.”

By Ted Trueblood who wrote the foreword in the book. Trueblood was a much beloved associate editor of Field and Stream, with much personal experience on waterways of the West.


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