Stainless Steel Four Blade Impeller 7 3/8 V6


Outboard Jets Part #1738 Stainless Steel Four-blade Impellers improve longevity and performance in outboard jet motors.

On an outboard jet, the impeller is what vacuums up the water, then accelerates it and shoots out a solid stream to provide power. Many impellers are aluminum, which is softer and more prone to wear and chipping than stainless steel. The advantages of a Wooldridge stainless impeller are many, including its resistance to abrasion and deterioration when rocks or sand are sucked through the jet unit. That means it requires less maintenance. There are significant performance gains as well, especially on the V-6 engines, where Wooldridge four bladed stainless steel impellers are considered an absolute must by many jet boaters. Available in 6 1/8, 6 7/8, 7 3/8 and 7 5/8 to suit a large range of outboard jet motors.  Tee Key included.

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