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 Guy and Elsie Anttila purchased a 29' SS Offshore Pilothouse from us earlier this year.  They flew down from a small town in northern B.C. called Atlin and we went out on Lake Washington for a few hours going over all of the operations of the boat.  After that my father Glen dropped them and the boat off at the nearest launch in Puget Sound and they went on to run the boat all the way up to Skagway Alaska.  What an adventure!!!  Here are some pictures from their trip! 

First Anchorage                                                     Fly fishing (Elsie)

Icy Straights (Guy w/ Halibut)                            Icy Straights (Guy w/ Silvers)

Shearwater B.C.                                                    Entroute

Juneau Harbor                                                       Bridge between Juneau & Douglas Is.

Atlin Lake Trout (Elsie)                                                 Atlin Lake Trout (Elsie)

Atlin Lake B.C.

Hello Grant:
Hope everything’s well:
We had a great trip cruising the B.C. and AK coast to Skagway and eventually into Atlin Lake.
The trailer was waiting for us in Skagway when we arrived and the boat was on it and out of the water one hour later. The road trip to Atlin B.C. only took 4.5 hrs.
We spent 15 days total travelling, fishing and exploring. The first 2 days of the travel was nice and sunny.
We entered Ak in rain and fog and we did not see the sun until we were on the road to Atlin.
The furnace and oil stove/heater was appreciated to keep the dampness out of the boat
Included are some pictures of our cruise. We highly recommend it!!!!.

Guy & Elsie
Wooldridge 29’ SS Offshore Pilothouse

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