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Mike Miller of Miller Marine decided to try his hand at tuna fishing in his 26' Wooldridge SS Pilothouse this past August. This is his story.................

I decided to give albacore a try so Monday we left around 6 out of Brookings and ran 40 miles due West to some numbers that were given to me by a friend. The temp upon arrival at the given coordinates was 52* but I could see commercial boats trolling in the distance so I ran another 6 or so miles to the line they were trolling and dropped some gear in 57.9* water. I have never done this before but after reading alot about it, I had an idea what to do. There was only 2 of us so we ran 4 poles 2 with cedar plugs and 2 with jigs. We caught fish on everything we had out. We trolled for about 10 minutes and I had our first one in the boat. Tom lost the next one right at the boat but as soon as we got all the gear back in the water we had a triple and we landed them all. 2 guys with three fish on was a hoot.

We ended the day with 10 fish! We could have caught more but we agreed we only wanted 5 a piece before we left and so we quit when we had the 10. The Wooldridge Pilothouse did great! I was really impressed with the way the boat handled and with the fuel economy. 92 miles out and back + how ever many miles we trolled. 33 gallons of fuel used. I left with 128.1 gallons and got back with 95.1 gallons.

I did not weigh any of the fish but I would guess the big ones were in the 20's and the smallest about 14#.


Here are some of the Mike's fishy pics............

Line em' up Mike!

Now the work begins! It's worth it.

Looking good Mike. Nice boat too! Thanks for the testimonial.

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