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My Wooldridge Dawg Sled gives me a major fishing advantage. The Wooldridge hull design, exclusive jet tunnel and custom features pay off in a boat than runs shallower, corners harder, rides better and gets into prime fishing country others can't. This combination of structure and strength in my Wooldridge 23' Super Sport Drifter hauls more weight, burns less fuel and is easier to operate which allows me to devote my full energy and attention to getting my clients into fish! Tom "T.J." Nelson had the wonderful fortune of being born into a fishing family so naturally Tom became a guide, forming Skagit River Outfitters. Now Tom's fishing "fanatacism" has found multimedia outlets. Along with manning the co-pilot seat of KJR-AM's Saturday morning radio show "NorthWest Wild Country" with host Joel Shangle, Tom can now be seen on TV by tuning in Outdoor Channel's "Western Sportsfishing with Lee Horsley". Tom has a degree in Fisheries Biology from the University of Washington which explains the purple & gold Wooldridge DaWg Sled which "Nelly" can be seen skimming across Washington waters in search of salmon & steelhead for his family, clients and friends.


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