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Thought I'd throw up a report for all you Cowlitz river fans. First of all, I was out there last Saturday 3/25 and the fishing seemed a bit on the slow side according to Cowlitz river standards. A buddy and I went 1 for 4. We just couldn't quite put 'em in the bag and the one we did get was slightly keltish so it didn't leave the river. However, last Thursday one of our cronies (Scott Howell) came into the office and gave us some encouraging news from wednesday. They mostly stuck to the Blue Creek stretch where there were 6 or 7 guide boats hammering the same drift over and over. You know what they say; "when in Rome"! Scott and his brother proceeded to hook 8 fish freedrifting #12 orange corkies and eggs! He showed me one pic of a really nice 36" buck that ripped down through the hatchery hole, through the rapids and finally landed down at the wall below blue creek! He also said he must have seen 50 steelhead caught that day! Sounds like some good timing to me. Way to go team Wooldridge!

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