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Report from Quinalt River Guide Rob Thomas

Quinalt River Guide Robert Thomas, owner of Private Water Adventures has been slaying the late run steelhead! He reports from yesterday;"The buck we landed was 17lbs. and the hen was 13lbs. We spent the day side drifiting in my new Wooldridge Alaskan XL with great success, landing these two teenage steelhead and releasing 3 more. I have guided fishing trips in two other brands of boats before buying the Alaskan XL and for sidedrifting steelhead, the other two don't come close to the performance of this boat and these pictures are the proof!"

NOTE: Hatchery steelhead within the Quinalt reservation are not adipose fin clipped.

Check out Robert's website at www.privatewateradventures.com

Thanks for the report Robert and wer'e excited your new AK XL fits the bill!

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