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Just got the story from the man himself! Anacortes Derby winner Mike Campion is $15,000 happier after taking top honors this last weekend.
Mike told me that he was a bit skeptical after checking the moon phase and more importantly the weather forecast. No guts no glory as they say so Mike, his father Bud, and crony Jim Dellar (AKA River Rat) launched the 21 foot Wooldridge into the choppy mess and headed north to the first of three honey holes. Downriggers dropped their UV flasher/cookies and cream koho killers (with a dab of anchovy paste) combos to depths of 70 feet. Hardly enough time for coffee to set in and the right rod buckled over! Mike told me, “We were only out 10 or 15 minutes and it was all chaos!” After a couple nice long runs and stubborn nookie acrobatics, the 18.96 lb. fin clipped chinook came to Jims net fairly easy. Mike says he thinks it wanted to take a nap on the pretty Wooldridge so they obliged! If 15 large wanted to jump in my boat I don’t think I’d have any qualms about it either.

mike campion pic

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