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Despite much of the streamside fishing news being unpleasant, there are some bright spots and opportunities.
At this writing, many Western Washington streams are still running high and muddy. That along with the low escapement projections have made it tough fishing for Puget Sound anglers.
In addition to that, many of these opportunities come to a screeching halt Jan. 31, when steelheading on ALL Puget Sound Rivers close for steelhead, under the recent WDFW “emergency rule change”.

On a brighter note, the Coastal Rivers have been producing very well. This winter season saw huge returns of hatchery brats on the Boggie.
If you’re able to hit the water level at the right point, it has been GAME ON!

And as the days grow longer and Spring approaches, more and more native steelhead will return to the coastal streams for some amazing C&R opportunities.

Further South, the Columbia river tribs have seen another strong run of hatchery steelies.
The beauty of a river like the Cowlitz is that its water flow is regulated via the Mayfield dam, and that means this river is often fish-able when all others are blown out.

This year’s late run of hatchery fish is due back to the Cowlitz soon, and should be more then memorable, given current projections.

Hope to see you on the water!

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