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Joe Mitchell - Dear Glen and Grant Wooldrige, I just wanted to thank you for your outstanding customer service and quality top notch Alaskan outboat jet boat. I had been researching jet boats for years before I finally decided to purchase a boat. Wooldrige came to mind. Family owned for 90 years and a tough 1/8" aluminum bottom gauge sounded reliable and safe for my family. I had to check this company out. So in February 2006 I drove 800 miles to Seattle, WA from Berkeley, CA to see Wooldrige boats for myself. From the start I was greeted with professional and friendly service. Grant Wooldridge was there to personally show my family and I around the factory. The personal tour was fantastic. I was able to see the boats built from scratch. There were different boats being made at the time so I was able to see the different stages of each boat in development. Finally I was asked if I wanted to test drive one. So Grant took my family and I to a nearby lake for a test run. It was awesome. Back at the factory Grant spent hours showing me all the different options I could add, how things worked and overall showed true customer services to the fullest extent. Grant?s down to earth, easy going attitude made ordering simple. I was able to take my time and really think about what I wanted, without feeling pressured or rushed. Yep, there is no comparison when it comes to other outboard jet boats. Not only is the service excellent, but also the boats out perform any other jet boat in my book. Wooldridge boats look great, run in less than run in 4? of water, and are all around phenomenal. Every boat is literally handmade. Outstanding quality! My favorite is the Alaskan. I loved it the moment I saw it. Purchased it that day and came back two months later to pick it up. What caught my eye about the Alaskan was the size and look. I wanted a jet boat that was small enough to fit down my narrow driveway and in my garage, but big enough to take camping gear, the family, and maybe a friend or two camping on one of the many islands off the Sacramento river above Colusa. Not to mention having the outboard jet frees up a lot of room inside the boat. That?s exactly what I got. Some excellent features to point out about the Alaskan are: The squared off nose that allows for easy loading and unloading when parked on a beach or sand bar. Love the mean look too. The large two-piece window that provides great visibility but allows you to remain seated while driving. The welds on this boat are beautiful, even through the hidden parts you would normally not see. Tough as nails too. Once I hit the bottom of the Yuba river so hard (totally driver error) that I expected to see a huge dent, but was surprised at how minor it really was. This is one tough boat. The no-skid floors, which are easy to clean, beat the traditional carpet that only track mud, dirt, and fish guts. The high sides with side rails are another great feature. Safe for the kids. All extra items I had Woodridge install for my boat: a bimini top with full enclosure, transom cover, suspension seats (a must have) with a 9 degree hull, 2 bench seats, cd / mp3 player with amp and four 6x9 speakers, fish finder, swim step with 2 grab handles (my kids use this one all of the time), headlights, river Anchor, Anchor-eze, pedestal seat with 2 flush mounted bases, and duel batteries with switch (that saved me once in time of need), Yamaha t8 kicker. I have already used over 150 engine hours in 6 months. It?s my go anywhere boat. I have used my Alaskan in the San Francisco Bay, Sacramento River, Feather River, Napa River, Yuba River (where the river is just 3-5 inches in some spots when the flow is low) and most of the California?s delta. There is nothing more fun than running 40 mph up a shallow river and watching the gravel bar zoom right below the boat. People always stop to ask about the boat every time I?m at a boat ramp; even the coastguard had stopped me once to ask where I got it. I want to thank everyone at Wooldridge for all his and her help and exceptional service. The employees were truly enjoyable and resourceful. The tour was phenomenal. And the experience was incomparable. I have never been happier or more satisfied with a product in my life. Wooldridge boats are first-rate. Thanks for everything Grant, and Glen. Truly, Joe Mitchell




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