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Fishing on the Columbia River at Buoy 10 produced four days of non-stop action for Wooldridge Boat’s Rob Hyatt at the end of August.


Rob and some buddies loaded his Wooldridge AK XL with silvers and kings, usually finishing up by noon, pulling cut plug herring or custom spinners trolled right off the bottom.


Rob noted that most of the guides and other boaters fishing the Buoy 10 area were running 25’ and longer boats, yet his Wooldridge 20’ AK XL went head to head with the bigger boats and impressed many with its open water performance.and fish catching (of course Rob deserves much of the credit for putting fish in the boat.)

Rob also spent a couple of days on a Hawg Quest photo shoot with host Glenn Hall, and enjoyed similar success, with lots of silvers and Chinook put in the fish box.

Again, it took a short day to load up with fish.

Glenn Hall of Hawg Quest said the two episodes shot for the TV show should air sometime this winter on Fox Sports Northwest.

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