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To the crew at Wooldridge.

Here are a few pictures from my Brookings OR trip.

The first day Friday we ran into some 7 second duration step 6-7' swells with 2' of wind chop.
We were able to run about 10 knots and the boat felt very solid in a sloppy rough condition.
We were running into the NW swell going out the trip in was a little better and we were able to run
12-14 knots the boat trims the bow up and down very good to help break the swell we ran the bow low and had a good ride.
I felt very safe in this boat and know it will handle a much rougher condition. The next few days saw the condition improving
and we eventually had a semi flat ocean and were able to make 30 knots on Tuesday the boat will run faster, but fuel consumption
is greatly increased at the faster speeds.
I have 26.5 hours on her and she has burned 100 gallons.

On Sunday we had 5 adults fishing and had 90 gallons of gas on board
the deck scuppers never let any water on the deck and i could see the
water level in the scupper tubes was still 4" from deck level. I am really
pleased with the deck. Before leaving for the coast I made a couple shake
down cruises on the Columbia River and I was able to reach 42 MPH GPS
at 5900 RPM she had more but since the motor was new I did not run it any faster.

The boat is a real head turner I followed my son home from the coast and he was pulling the boat with his PU and I pulled our 5th wheel.

Watching people check out the boat was fun.
The boat is awsome and the graphics really catch your eye.
I look forward to putting some more fish on her soon.

I attached a picture of a big ling we got.

Mike Miller@Miller Marine Products

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