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Hi Grant,

We first planned the
Garibaldi, OR fish trip
for the last week of July
when the fish were 60 to
70 miles off shore and
reportedly no sport boats
braved the big waves.

But fortunately, Justin's schedule made us change to the first
week of August when the fish kept moving in to within 20 miles
of shore by end of the week.

The seas were kind every day and we had no difficulties taking our
Wooldridge 25 ft Super Sport Offshore Pilothouse out to locate albacore.

The fish did feed in surprisingly cold water like the 55 and 56 degree type and we laughed to hear
on the radio some experienced tuna fishers working like mad to find warmer water while we just stopped and caught fish.

All of our fishing was done with trolled surface fare. Great fun and strong fish.


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