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Launching at the Westport ramp last weekend I think we turned a few heads.

Being surrounded by 23' to 35' Offshore boats, my friends began to question my judgment about taking a 20' Tiller Sled accross the Westport bar. But I had already studies the swells, winds and tides and felt confident it would a wet trip, but one worth taking.

Frist off, I owe a huge thanks to Wooldridge boat owner Bruce Brummond. Bruce has been fishing
Westport for A LONG TIME, and provided us with some great local knowledge.

The Morning bite was crazy, Hootchies behind flashers generated bites from 15 to 35ft of water.

After the tide change things slowed down just a bit. Switching over to spoons and fishing the 40 to 70 depth wast the ticket for the afternoon bite.

Our results = two native over the 30lb mark were sent back to swim some more, three Silvers, 6, 8 and 10 lbs( great size for this time of year) joined them. The rest of the fish averaged 12- 22lbs for a total of 22 fish caught.

But the best part of the entire trip was returning to port, and the amazing amount of praise and congratulations, and not for our catch ( as most did well also ) but for proving to the crowds that this boat is capable of more then just running the rivers!

Sekiu is on tap next, unless I hear more noise about the Westport bite!

Hope everyone has a great and safe 4th of July.

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