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 If you dream about World Record Salterwater fish, just visit Kodiak, AK
I'm lucky enough to be able to fish in some of the greatest locations, and alongside some of the big name guides and outfitters around.

This Kodiak trip is one I return for every year.

Some of the Worlds largest King Salmon swim these water and it is not uncommon to release 50lb-plus Halibut as mear Bi- Catch.

They also host a derby each year with a $10,000 cash purse.

So my good buddy Dave(left) is currently in the race for some serious money. His 58.2 lb'er came on a trolled hearing, around 60 ft down.

This is not a lights out fisheries, four or five take downs makes up a good day, but with fish averaging over 50 lbs, no complaints are heard.

Another buddy of mine Rick, did OK himself. This one hit the official derby scale at 72 lbs.
Also had a chance to see "Sport Drifter" Todd Graham again as we swung thru town. He seams to be connected with allot of good folks!! And I sure do love the thick Wooldridge Blood that runs in him!

So, folks can check out more on this, or any of our recent trips, look us up on Facebook.
Our page is loaded with photos and videos.

These Kodiak fish are HUGE!  Be sure to watch Hawg Quest on Fox Sport's Northwest every Sunday!



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