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Hey Rob,

Thanks for the great boat…
Working with you guys on the bid and build was very uncomplicated resulting in a great product.


Working for Snohomish County Surface Water Management it is very important to us to have a boat that was capable of a wide range of tasks in varied waterbodies and conditions.

The boat design and engine power is smooth and very maneuverable. Even with 5 people - two huge wet heavy nets and extra sample gear, it provides a spacious stable work platform that increases our service capabilities to perform multiple tasks safely and more efficiently.

Here are some photos of the new boat and some of the work we do with it. Not real good action shots; I’ll send some when we get them.

We accidently packed an extra net all day and it was not in the way at all. We could have had two separate teams working in the boat with all the room forward and aft. We are very happy with the boat. We had a NOAA fisheries person on board that really wants one.


Just an FYI… there are a ton of fry coho in the rivers, should make for a great 2012 coho season!
This year should be good too, at least on the Stilly.

Brett Gaddis

Habitat Technician-Snohomish County
Surface Water Management


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