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Steve Knox - Glen, Vence and all the crew @ Wooldridge Boats, Just wanted to let you know I made it home from my trip up to the Sunshine Coast, Desolation Sound and Discovery Passage area. I logged 1,115 nautical miles, used 438 gallons of fuel and slept on the boat 23 straight days. Highlights included Princess Louisa Inlet, a 5 mile long inlet surrounded by 6-7,000 foot granite cliffs fed by 60 glacier fed waterfalls; Toba Inlet, a totally remote 23 mile long inlet, and the strong currents and whirlpools at Big Bay off of Stuart Islands. I navigated through the Malibu rapids, The Arron rapids and the Yucca rapids along with crossing the Straights of Georgia 8 times. I explored the Jarvis inlet, Howe Sound and Pendrell Sound and spent lots of time around Cortez Island. There were log boom tugs, container barge tugs, Oil tankers, container ships, large Ferries, larger ferries and monster ferries. Small craft advisories, one gale force storm and a Tsunami warning. I caught Coho and Chum Salmon, Rockfish, Dogfish and tons of 4 foot long Ling Cods. Crabbing was good and we harvested as many oysters as you could possibly eat. It was quite an experience to go beyond where most boaters go and beyond any roads on shore or towns or villages. Also I cruised around Wooldridge Island in the north west part of Howe Sound. I only had a few problems, the 2 hp engine on the Zodiac needed some work in Powell River and one of my batteries just died and stopped holding a charge. (Bob, that's why you thought the trim tabs were draining too much from the batteries, you were probably on that bad battery) I ran the boat up on a small oyster reef (at a slow speed). We put on our swim trunks, jumped out and worked it back and forth, and side to side until we got it free. No damage to the boat, just a few scratched on the stern of the hull. Had a few water leaks in the cabin, but when you have waves crashing over the bow, it's a lot of water pressure and nothing a little silicone couldn't fix. Once again I am very happy with the boat and I've already been wake boarding on Whitefish Lake twice since I've been back. Also, the compliments from fellow mariners come constantly. Thanks for the work on the boat before I left and I look forward to seeing you all next year. Steve Knox


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