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Its always great to get pictures and feedback from customers!  Jeff from Alaska sent us these pictures of him and his family out fishing in his Alaskan XL.

Good morning,
  I wanted to let you all know how much I have enjoyed my new Alaskan XL.  I have been to a few rivers this year and had a few firsts for the family.  I have some photos for you guys.

We have been up the Salcha River, Chatineka River, Chena River, Birch Lake, Quarts Lake, and the Delta Clear Water.



Here is my wife with her first pike.  Caught on the Chatanika  River.  She also got her first grayling of the the season when my daughter got hers.


Here is my daughter with her first fish on the fly rod, just happens to be a 14 inch grayling. This was on the Delta Clearwater




Thanks for building such good and hardworking boats. We will continue to use and cherish the boat for years to come and memories we make in it. Thanks again for your family's hard work.


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