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A few of us guys from #Wooldridge #Boats had the privileged opportunity to spend the day on the #Quinault #River with pro #guide, Richard Underwood Assault on the Quinault last week. It really was an incredible weekend because not only was there some great #steelheading to be had but it just so happened that the #WDFW decided to open the weekend up for some evening #razor #clam #digs! Sometimes everything just happens to work out because it also just so happ...ened that our good friend Richard Ro had the perfect little get away cabin near the #beach! Hmmm… two Richards hooking us up on the same weekend. Okay, putting the cosmic coincidences aside, we had to of course share a few chapters of our outing. Last week we shared the day on the Quinault and this week, we’ll share a couple short #videos of how to get the #clams to open up as well as how to clean them before #cooking.

In the first video, you can see the razor clams are poured into a boiling pot. What’s very important is you only want to keep them in the boiling pot for 5 to 10 seconds. Any longer and you will cook them which is not part of this process. After the 5 to 10 seconds is up, quickly dump the clams into a tote full of cold water. The clams will open up and the body will slip right out of the shell. From their, they need a little rinse and they are ready for cutting and cleaning!

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