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Hi Glen & Grant,

Every year our family houses a couple of Goldpanner baseball players ( www.goldpanners.com ).
The team consists of college players who come up to play in the Country's premier summer league,
the Alaska League who has fielded players such as Dave Winfield, Tom Seaver and Barry Bonds to name a few.

I took a few players up the Salcha River, 40 miles outside of Fairbanks to our friend's cabin about 35 miles up the river.
Came across this picture I took while up there, thought you'd enjoy it.

Pictured with the pole and fish on is Wally Olsen, the owner of the cabin and the Classic.
He has 2 sons that I grew up with and they each own a Sport Drifter, Tim with a 21'er and Dave with a 23.


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