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Hi Glen and Grant,

We just wanted to thank you for hooking us up with Glenn Hall & Taj Gombart from the Hawg Quest fishing show.

We picked them up at Lake Creek while they were filming a show here in Alaska this summer.

Then we took them up river to my cabin where we had great time fishing and filmed a Hawg Quest show for this spring.

Your boats have come a long way, since my dad bought our first one back in 1982. After our first used Wooldridge boat,  my dad purchased a 24 Classic and I have had a 23 Sport Drifter and currently own a 23 Super Sport Drifter.

Wooldridge continues to make great improvements in durability, performance, and fuel efficiency.  My son Garrett will be a 3rd generation Wooldridge driver in the years to come, keep up the good work.

Todd Dana Garrett & Lauren Graham -

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