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Kevin, our northern BC friend, is experienceing some great fishing lately from his 23' Pilothouse.

Here's what he said:

I just did a three night trip with a few buddies. The wind was terrible, but we had one afternoon when it switched, so it gave us an opening to hit a big rock pile for 2 hours. End result is in the pics (below). Other than that, we got stuck on the inside for Halibut and got easy limits. Nothin' big for Hali's, 40 was the biggest. We trolled for "kings" and managed to go 6 for 12. The photo I sent was the biggest at 35 pounds; My biggest Chinook in may, so I guess its a good start to the season. Two of the Snapper's were 24lbs and 1 "Linger" at 30lbs. I'll have a pic of a 60lb for you in the next month! I just need an opening in the weather to get to my honey hole."


Thanks for the great report Kevin! 





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