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After fifteen years of professional guiding in BC Canada, Chad McAdie has decided to start his own business.

Check out his new website at: www.fishingthefraser.com.

Book a trip with him (604-845-0522) and get ready to hook into some really big salmon and sturgeon out of his 23' Super Sport Drifter on the Fraser river in BC.

Here's some excerpts from Chad's website.

"With possibly the highest number of guiding days per year over the last 15 years of any fishing guide in the Fraser Valley, Chad excels at the profession."

“Chad McAdie is the best professional fishing guide I have fished with, from my fishing travels across the globe. His stewardship of the sport and extensive experience are an asset, which he brings to each and every day on his boat."

"With an impressive tenure in the Fraser Valley as a professional fishing guide, Chad has accrued extensive knowledge which enables him to not only produce undeniable results, but also accurately educate sport anglers young and old about the unique fishery present in his backyard. His ability to accurately adapt to the conditions and to his clients needs are two top points which allow him to standout in a crowded market."





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