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We love getting letters from customers about their outdoor adventures while using their Wooldridge Boat.

Here's a recent letter from Brian in Alaska, who owns a 27' Pilothouse.

"...took the boat to Montague (An island in the Gulf of Alaska lying at the entrance to Prince William Sound.) in early November for a couple days chasing Blacktails. Due to lack of snow and cold conditions making it extremely noisy to walk, we did not connect with any deer. However, we ran 19-25mph all the way from Montague Island back to Whittier AK while sometimes bucking 3'-6' seas with a 5' swell coming at us from the starboard side. (84 miles one way!)

The boat handled like a rock star. We approached Culross Passage and found it snowing heavily and the entire passage was covered with ice.

The boat performed as expected.

Temperatures were in the 20's the entire time we were out there. One night we had an amazing display of Aurora Borealis light up the night sky with dancing green ribbons. The water around the boat would have glowing green balls the size of BB's when we agitated the water, as the bio-luminescence would glow...pretty cool stuff."

Thanks Brian!

We appreciate the adventure you shared with us and friends of Wooldridge Boats.











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