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The fact is...our customers are AWESOME! Another fact is, we here at Wooldridge Boats get just as excited as they do sharing outdoor adventures using their Wooldridge! 

Steve shared this photo of a couple bright Coho he caught in October on the Skagit river, fishing from his 1991, 16’ Xtra Plus. He mentioned,  “There’s no feeling like putting fish into your boat. I’m excited about the quality of my boat, and that I have one that will last a lifetime!”


Steve has a good looking 1991 Xtra Plus in great shape.


We built Wendy and Mel a 20’ Sport Offshore in the not to distant past. Wendy recently caught this Coho that came fresh from the ocean. 


Their boat has a convienent bow pulpit with rails and a heavy duty ladder tucked up underneath. It is a fishing machine!


Pius and Sharon recently picked up their 24' Pilot and headed straight for the Tuna grounds, just west of Half Moon Bay in California.morozumi-tuna1.jpg

They also caught some nice bottom fish. Here's a Brown Rockfish and a Vermillion that Sharon and grandson Tyler caught.


Great job and thank you Steve, Pius, Sharon, Tyler and Wendy for getting us excited to catch some fish!

Thank you to our viewers for checking out this weeks Out & About.

--Wooldridge Boats--

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