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Hi Folks
Sold my old trust "old style" 17.5' Ak a few weeks ago, and wanted another Wooldridge. 
Although I would love to buy a new one, thats just not in the cards.

Anyway, although my 97 Ak with a 115 FICHT on it was a greatboat, it was just too small for our needs, and as we have many lakes here in the Yukon Territory, I needed a more "all around" hull design.
The boat I had picked out was a 17'3" Sport.  Not too big, not too small, looked just right, but I could never find one in Alaska for sale.  Found the odd 20', but not the 17.  I finally found a good looking 99 SUV in 19' with a 200 Merc on it.  Had a great chat with Grant about the SUV, and went to Anchorage to check it out (14 hour drive one way).  However, on the way there, I saw, in Tok Ak, beside a welding shop, the boat of my dreams; a green 17' Sport 2000.  Had a quick look, then off to Anchorage to check out the SUV.  Well, it became apparent as soon as I took it out that while the SUV is a fantastic boat, at 19'3", it was just too much boat for my needs.

So, back to Tok to check out the Sport.
Well, it was immaculate.  2000 model with a Yamaha 115 on it, 148 hours total time on the clock.   Canvas in A-1 shape.  So, bought it, drove back to the Yukon.  One long weekend, but time well spent.  Took the Sport out a few times, and I am absolutely amazed at how well it performs.  I thought that with the 115 it would be underpowered; not at all.  Gets on step in a heartbeat, even at 4100 RPM, and only a 3 blade Al impeller.  Stays on step down to 3200 RPM, and it just rocks at WOT.
Must be the wider hull?  The styling of the boat, with the forward windshield and cockpit makes driving it much more enjoyable, not to mention better visibility.  Can't wait to take my first real trip in it,  Sheep hunting in August up the Big Salmon river.
Thanks for making such wonderful boats.

Whitehorse Yukon

Hi Rob
Here are some "action" photos of the Sport in the Yukon
Used it to go sheep hunting this past weekend, and was fortunate enough to find and take a nice Dall ram.

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