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Grant's Tuna fishing adventure in his own words:

Tuna fishing rocks!

My first Westport tuna trip was on Wednesday the 31st of July.  I went with customer/friend Scott in the 23’ Wooldridge SS Offshore I sold him a few years ago. The guy is a fishing machine, has 1,000 hours on his motor and is set up for big time tuna fishing with cool bags and all the gear for trolling and bait fishing.

It was a blast and after reeling a number of those guys in, I’ve got to believe that these tuna would tow salmon. We had great friends and crew (my buddy Rock and his 10-year-old son Daniel, Scott, the skipper and his friend also named Scott).

Water conditions were great, the bar was good and we hit warm water 42 miles out, where we put out the trolling gear. In short order we were hooked up and kept that fish on the line while we rigged with live bait and then it was ON!!!

A few rounds of this, hookups on bait, then troll to locate fish and bait 'em again. By 1:30 we’d put 30 tuna on the deck, all bled, cooled, and packed in ice inside fish bags and coolers. Scott is a master at this process. The side bags were out of the way and proved perfect for fish care and storage.

With big smiles all around, we headed back in good weather, a good bar crossing, plenty of daylight for taking care of the fish and then headed for home. We could have caught more, but after looking at the bounty, we all agreed six fish each was the ideal catch.

Next order of business is some serious canning.   Needless to say it was a blast and I look forward to my next tuna outing!!  

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