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 Doug, with his friends and family, sure know how to have fun in the Alaskan sun!
Here are his words:
“We had another stellar weekend on Prince William Sound. My good friend
from High School was up for a visit from Seattle and we were able to
squeeze in a quick trip with the family. He had a great time
and was amazed with how big and wild the Sound was. It’s not hard to have a good time
when it is sunny and almost 80 degrees! The kids had fun jumping off the
roof of the boat and played most of the day in the water. We needed the
bimini up for the shade on this trip and not for the usual rain. The sun and
warm water were more reminiscent of our weekends boating in Texas than
Alaska. I could have stayed anchored out for a week, but we were only out
for the day and headed back in at 7pm because the wind in Passage Canal had picked up
for the evening and we found ourselves having to jockey the boat at the dock,
as there were several boats waiting in line to take out ahead of us. I was
glad to have two engines as it made it much easier to hold position in line,
even with a steady 15 knot wind at our back. The aluminum hull gave us
piece of mind too, especially as we watched one fiberglass boat hit a
semi-submerged maintenance rack pretty hard and another get sideswiped by
a big commercial bow picker. Thanks again for building a great boat and we
are looking forward to more of our awesome summer up here in Alaska. Give
us a shout next time you are in this neck of the woods.

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