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 We love great stories from great customers like Doug and family, on their 24' SS Offshore Pilothouse.

Read what Doug wrote:
Here are a few pictures of our trip to Squirrel Cove last Friday to celebrate my son Zach's 9th birthday. We headed out of Whittier into Prince William Sound in heavy snow, 15 kt wind, visibility less than a quarter mile and calm seas. I figure the seas were so flat because we were motoring through 2 inches of slush all the way to the cabin. The boat did a great job plowing through the slop and everyone was at ease with how the boat handled in extreme conditions. We don't usually encounter conditions like this because we don't boat in the winter, but this was May!! The only thing the boat needs now is a radar, as we seem to be using the boat more earlier and later in the season. Why not? It does great and I know the boat will always get me and the family back home safely. We invited several boating friends to join us for the birthday weekend in the cove, but due to the weather they all cancelled. Ironically, two of the boats that cancelled were large 30' boats, designed for Alaskan extreme weather! But . . . they are very heavy (18,000 lbs) and couldn't safely use the boat launch because it was covered in 4" of snow. We had no problem launching our 24' because it is a much lighter boat; we didn't slip at all on the ramp. Zach had an awesome birthday celebration despite the less than ideal conditions and last minute guest cancellations. He is already talking about next year and is ready to repeat the trip for his 10th birthday! Sammy our 5 year old doesn't like being left out and now wants his birthday party to also be at the cabin. Only problem is that his birthday is in February. I guess I'd better start saving for that radar! :)

24' Wooldridge SS Offshore Pilothouse

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