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Early Spring on Prince William Sound w/ 23' Pilothouse!

Here is a letter and pics from a great customer named Doug who just couldn't wait to brave the elements of a cold spring Alaska day in Prince William Sound.....

Spring has finally turned up in South East Alaska (sort of). So last
Friday, some friends and I took the boat out to a remote cabin in Prince
William Sound for some backcountry skiing, kayaking and fishing. We arrived
in Whittier to clear skies, 32 degree temps, 3-4 ft seas, wind 35 kts
gusting to 50kts and freezing spray! We checked in with the harbormaster and
she thought we were crazy for heading out in 50 kt gusts and small craft
advisory. I guess she didn't know I had a Wooldridge! We had the boat
packed to the gills with gear/food/beer for five guys, including skis, 3
kayaks, generator and a 26" tv for evening entertainment. We evaluated the
conditions from shore for about an hour and then finally decided to go for
it! The boat easily handled the choppy seas, wind and icing and we were
soon kicking ourselves for stalling and almost cancelling the trip due to
the rough conditions. The two guys on board who were the most skeptical
about our departure quickly forgot about the less than ideal conditions and
were having fun as we motored to the remote cabin. Thanks again for
building a great boat! The trip was a success because I had the right tool
for the job.



Beach picnic.....

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