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 I thought I would send you a few photos from my summer trout fishing trip. I
was with a couple of friends from work on a great sunny day. We were a few
hours up the river on a side stream where there are plenty of fish trying to
consume all the salmon eggs left from spawning salmon in the river. This
makes for some good bead fishing for rainbows and grayling. Many times when
you release the fish they are so full of eggs, they expel a few eggs
they have consumed before you fooled them with your bead.

On our way down river we stopped at a spot for chum salmon and got just a
few, as I looked upstream I noticed a strange object floating down stream
towards us, looking like a log with ears! Once it got closer we could see
it was a cow moose with this year's calf swimming downstream. The whole time
she kept the calf above her by her side, and let the current hold it against
her upstream side, as if to not let it get swept by her. The current is 6 mph,
so they were in the water for quite some time. The moose hit the calmer
water by us and eventually reached the shore right next to us. You would
have never known they were tired after their swim in the cold water. They
just shaked off the water and headed into the woods.

The boat is doing great...

...and we can't wait till the snow is gone here in AK. - Todd Graham


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