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 2013 Ford Mustang GT500 Shelby Cobra with Grant Wooldridge Behind the Wheel Equals Red and Blue Lights………

To start this story properly I must first introduce Dennis. Dennis is 75 and has been friends of our family since before I was born. He is a motor head, in the truest form. He gets horsepower out of engines. He is the man who built my father’s winning race engine from his early 80’s Payette River Jet boat race. Anyhow, Dennis has always appreciated power and has known how to create it and handle it.

So, just the other day Dennis shows up here at the boat shop and mentions to my uncle Don and I that we should look out into the parking lot. Well, low and behold there is a 2013 Ford Mustang GT500 Shelby Cobra. This car comes stock from the Ford factory with 662 HP. I love fast stuff, its obviously in the blood and I have been fortunate enough to get to drive a few speedy items before. My Uncle and I both react as any red blooded American male would and oooo and ahhhh all over the thing. Well Dennis mentions to me “Grant, I know you have driven a few fast things before, why don’t you take it for a spin?” Well that sounded awesome though I also have learned to be a bit wiser when tempted with such an offer. So I told him thank you though I would prefer to have him take me for a ride first so I could watch him drive it, see how he shifts at what RPM etc. as that would give me an idea of what I was about to jump behind the wheel of. I said, thanks but I sure don’t want to get into “trouble”. He said “suite yourself” and walked off to see what we had around the shop. Well as soon as he walked out of the room, my uncle Don was like “WHAT??!!!!”. “How could you turn that down Grant??!!!” He said he was soooo frustrated with me for not just jumping on the opportunity to go drive the Shelby. Well a little of that enthusiasm from my uncle Don got me all amped up so I raced out to the shop to find Dennis.

I found Dennis out in the shop and I said “Ok, I wanna take you up on the offer”. He smiled and said, “Ok, let’s go!”. He got in the driver’s seat and I in the passenger seat. He said, “Where should we go Grant, you know the area?”. I said “let’s just shoot down the highway a few miles, then we can turn around, trade seats and come back.”

He drove down the highway first for a few miles while I watched and observed the characteristics of the car as he drove it. He then pulled off an exit where we switched and I climbed into the form fitting driver’s seat. Wow, what a good feeling. I accelerated onto the highway on-ramp, checked my mirrors and looked back behind to make sure that I did not see anyone who would be concerned with me “getting on it”. I got on the throttle quite strong in first which sure does put you back in the seat then shifted into second. We had an open road so I continued to accelerate to the top end of second and shift into third. (Ford claims this is a 200mph car which will run 10’s in the ¼) Let just say I was going “fast” at this point. We took a nice left sweeper and I accelerated harder which led us to a short straight, followed by a nice flowing right sweeper which I accelerated out of. At that point there was some traffic probably 200 yards or so up ahead so I brought it back down. I looked at Dennis with a huge smile and said; “Wow, what a car!” At that exact moment I could not help but noticed what looked like a laser light show in my rear view mirror. I had a stater about ten feet off my rear with lights a blazing. “Oh crap” I was thinking. I looked over at Dennis and said in disbelief “there’s a cop behind me with his lights on!!!” He kinda a smiled and said “well you better pull over.” At this point I put on my blinker and kept going to find a safe place to pull off as the shoulder was quite narrow at this section of the highway. Many things were going through my mind such as: “I can’t believe this”, “great, I’m gonna get Dennis’s new car impounded”, “ guess I’m getting arrested”, “Looks like I will be losing my insurance”, …… and so on. Well, I get to an exit where I can pull off to a safe wide section of shoulder. I pull over, put the car in park, roll down my window, turn off the car and place both hands on top of the wheel. I have a number of friends in law enforcement and I know they appreciate some of these things which help them feel safer when approaching the car as they have no idea who I am or what I may do. Now I wait……..

A tall trooper walks up to the drivers’ side of the car, leans down and looks at me and says “Do you have a good reason why you were going so blasted fast?” I really tried to think of something good or smart to say as I nervously looked at Dennis then at the trooper. After ten seconds or so I say “um, no sir….. I really don’t have a good reason at all. You see my friend here came by my work to show me his new car and said I should take it for a spin so here I am, taking it for a little spin.” He leans down further and looks over to the passenger seat where a sliver haired Dennis with glasses and a sweater was sitting and asked “Is this your car?” Dennis said “yes sir it is”. He then asked Dennis “So would you let me go drive your car that fast also?” Dennis said, “Yes sir I would.” The trooper kind of smirked then said “Ok, why don’t I take this car for a drive and you two go get in my car and chase me down the road like that Ford commercial!” I started to laugh as he seemed to be joking with us so I said “ha ha ok let’s do it!” He then got a straight face again and said “well you wouldn’t catch me because I just found out my car tops out at 90 mph as you were pulling away from me.” (I’m not sure if he was messing with me or not as it seems like a cop car would be faster than 90) Either way I was not going to argue with him so I just said, “oh yes, sorry about that sir.” He then firmly asked for my license which I gave him. As he was looking at my license I noticed his nice pistol grip tazer attached to his belt. I said “you know sir, I will sure let you taze me if it earns me any grace.” He then kind of smiled and handed me back my license and said “well that will not be necessary.” He said “While following you, I noticed you were not endangering anyone’s lives except for your own so why don’t you just slow it down and head home.” WOWZERS I thought!! “Thank you sir I said” then he went back to his car.

I could not believe this; I have rarely had luck like this when getting pulled over. I looked at Dennis in disbelief and said “he let me go!!” Dennis just said “Thank you Jesus” and I agreed. I told Dennis, “well now you have gotten pulled over in this car though I was the one driving, lol” Dennis laughed and I putted back to the boat shop where my father, uncle and grandparents were waiting for us to come back from the drive. They all could not believe my luck though got a kick out of the story. Wow was I lucky. If the officer who gave me a break that day ever reads this, I want to say thank you.

Moral of the story is if you are ever going to speed in a fast super car then bring along the 75 year old owner and ask to get tazed. Well I really have no idea what the moral is but that car was fast and fun!!!

Thank you for checking out this weeks "Out & About" section!

-Wooldridge Boats

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