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Casey Flint of Rocky's Marine who is our dealer in Petersburg Alaska recently sent us a photo and letter about a buck he bagged this last fall. Check it out.....

Grant and Glen,

So my buddy Erik and I left town just before light in the 23 SS Pilothouse. We had a comfortable ride to our spot with the heater and the radio going. We cruised the beach on our way in just to be sure we didn’t pass any easy ones. Not seeing any early morning beach walkers, we anchored up and rowed towards shore. Erik took off angling in the direction we planned to hunt and I went straight up hill to hunt parallel to him. I found my first buck about 15 minutes into the woods when I stopped to peek into a small clearing. He followed a doe right through the clearing and didn’t even notice me standing on the fringe. I had him dressed and down to the beach around 9:30, so it was time to head back into the woods. I decided to head down the beach a ways and get on the other side of Erik. I headed in and up to the clearings that I had planned to hunt. At about 11:15 I reached the area I was looking for and saw this buck trotting along on the opposite side. I couldn’t get into position to see him again, so I gave a couple quiet bleats on the call. Sure enough, he came right back to see what was going on. Erik heard the shot and came to congratulate me. He then left me to the butchering project while he hunted the rest of the afternoon. It was a great day in the woods. We had fun, got some good hiking in and came home with plenty of meat for the freezer.


Casey Flint
Rocky’s Marine Inc
907-772-3949 800-478-3949

Nice work Casey!

Thanks for checking in this week!

-Wooldridge Boats

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