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 Alaska resident and  friend of the Wooldridge family, Todd Graham is an avid outdoorsman. Like many Alaskan residents, his love for hunting and fishing is a strong one. So strong that when the opportunity arises to find sport somewhere else besides Alaska, it doesn't take much to twist his arm. Well, it didn't take much twisting to talk him into hunting deer on thousands of acres of private land in Montana, all to himself and a friend.

Here is Todd's story and some pictures to go along.....

  We flew into Billings Montana and the temperature was actually colder than Alaska when we left. On arrival it was 4 degrees fahrenheit. We hit Cabelas and did our shopping for the trip then left Billings Sunday at 8 am and drove to the ranch. The ranch has been in the family since the late 1800's. They have 25,000 acres and lease more than that for hay fields. We saw lots of deer and some elk (the one in the pic is a 6 x 7), tons of coyotes, some turkey and a few ruffed grouse. There is a few desert big horn sheep on the mountains behind the house. The mountains are called the Little Rocky Mountains on the map. Behind the property is an old gold mine that is huge and you can see for miles around. We did not hunt all of the property so there may have been a few bigger deer around. We saw over 50 deer a day easy with 12 or so bucks each day!


A few shots of the Montana landscape.....

An impressive 6 x 7 elk made his presence (from quite a ways away of course).

Todd Graham with nice 23" Muley he shot from 323 yards. He was shooting a 1971 Remington 700 25-06 with 115 grain Nosler Partition bullets. The rifle belonged to his father which made it that much more special.

Todds' cousin Jerry with an absolutey gorgeous mule deer!

A hunters while view scoping a coyote.

And a coyote that Jerry ended up with...

Thanks for the story and pictures Todd! Thanks also to everyone who checked in this week to our "Out & About" section.

-Wooldridge Boats

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