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 Alaskan resident Scott Creel recently took a trip up the Koyukuk River via the mighty Yukon in his custom 21' Wooldridge Super Sport Drifter. His purpose was to spend some quality time with his father and possibly bag a moose. The outcome? We will let him tell the story so here it is...........

Hi Grant,

I was lucky enough to draw a Koyukuk trophy moose tag. I immediately called my 73 year old dad in Alabama to ask him to go with me since he had never been on a river boat hunt. We had a great time even thought the weather was rainy the whole trip. We experienced everything the Yukon had to offer, good weather going down and windy rainy weather coming back. We had white caps for one hundred and twenty five miles so it was slower than normal going. The boat did great as usual with 350 gallons of loaded gas, a fold a boat, outboard for the fold a boat, and camping gear for twn days. We were also fortunate enough to be successful with an exceptional moose! The only bad part of the trip was shooting the moose a mile from the boat and we had two days to get back to camp. It was hard work but worth it every step of the way. It was great sharing the experience with my dad!

Thank you for your time,

Scott Creel

Here are a few pictures Scott sent us.......

Nice moose Scott! Next is the tough part.

Beautiful moose country and a 64" bull.

A few pics of the Wooldridge loaded up.

It's great to see a plan executed Scott. Good work!

-Wooldridge Boats


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