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Here at Wooldridge Boats, we are avid outdoorsman. Whether it be hunting or fishing, we spend a lot of time out there enjoying what nature has to offer. On the fishy end of things, a few of us spend a considerable amount of time fishing the Snohomish River for Coho salmon. We feel like we're decently accomplished at chasing these critters however, (and we mean a big HOWEVER) there is a fisherman who owns one of our older style Alaskan models that consistently puts on a clinic for everyone (guides included) to see! His name is Jeff Webster and the man just flat knows how to catch them day in and day out.

This is a shout out to Jeff and we wanted to include a picture we snapped of him and his buddy holding up another big beautiful coho! What an awesome fish, you rascal. Nice work!

- Wooldridge Boats

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