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Jake who works up at our Anchorage Alaska dealership which is called Marita Sea and Ski just took his first ever Caribou! Here is his story and photo of the trophy. Nice work Jake!


We went up a small creek around 5 miles in and set up a light camp in the rain. That evening the rain let up a little and we climbed a knob near camp to look around a bit.

Within about ten minutes of glassing, I spot this bull and decided he was a shooter so we hiked over about a mile and a half to where he was. I got as close to him as I could with cover but he was still out of range and all the brush between us was only knee high. So after doing some crawling in wet tundra, I ranged him at 260 yards. At that point, I let my new 338 win mag sing and that was that, my first caribou!

We butchered it up and covered the meat and made it back to camp right at dark. The next morning we packed up camp and picked up the meat.

It was a great trip. The best part was spending it with my soon to be bride Heather!

Thanks for checking out this weeks "Out and About".

-Wooldridge Boats

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