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A Successful Yukon Moose Hunt for Paul Christensen and his 20' Wooldridge "sport"!

We just received this letter and accompanied photos from Paul Christensen. Looks like a great hunt was had. Congratulations on the moose Paul!


We returned last night from a quick and successful moose hunt. We went out with my buddy and his eldest son. It was a lot of fun having him along to participate in the hunt. Too bad we were only out one night, as the weather has been fantastic, albeit a bit warm. We had a moose down by 11:00 AM, in the boat by 3:00, ready to go by 3:30, back at the campground at 6:00, hung by 9:00 and home by 10:00. To save time, we took the whole neck, spine, pelvis, bones and all and would trim it all out the next day.

The Sport handled all the weight no problem. It swallowed up the load and made short work of shallow waters and the big Yukon lakes. It was an incredible afternoon on the river, warm, sunny, clear water splashing about. Even let the young fella drive for awhile which made his day!

I always like taking shots of the Sport with fall colors around it, the flames are almost like camouflage.

Have a happy fall,

Paul Christensen

Thank you Paul for the pictures and letter! We're glad you had a great hunt and love your boat!

To everyone else, thanks for checking out this weeks "Out & About"!

-Wooldridge Boats

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