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 Big Bull success for Wooldridge customer Joe Fisher

     Well we always love a good hunting tale especially with the season in full swing for Archery now and Modern Firearm just around the corner.  Joe Fisher who has a Wooldridge 23' SS Drifter just sent this story and photos over yesterday about a great Bull Elk that he took down last weekend with his son alongside.  Way to go Joe and thanks a ton for sharing!!

Grant Wooldridge

" There I was on my back staring at the ceiling with the most intense pain I've ever felt in my life coursing up my body! Back spasms!!

I've had a sore back before, even a sharp pain or pulled muscle. But never breath taking pain like this. I feel bad for every back pain story I've ever heard and and blew off. Its as close to child birth as a man can get.

The next couple weeks of rehab only solidified the reality of a lost hunting season.

Over a month went by and i could finally touch my toes again and do normal movements, but it was sept. 13, well into the season and I hadn't touched my bow in quite a while.

This was also the year I really wanted to get my son into the woods and hike around, and maybe talk to a bull or two.

So that day I pulled out my bow and slung some arrows, so far so good, no pain.

I told my wife and kids that I was going out this weekend to walk a road or two with the boy, just to see if we could get a response out of a bull in an easy little hole I new of.

So off we went, sept. 15 second to the last day, me, my son, bow in hand.

At the end of a gated road we sat and compared elk sounds, only to here a quiet roar from the basin below.


that's all i wanted for my son.

We exchanged bugles with the dragon for a little while when I decided we may as well head down the drainage and see how interested he was. I could see a small clearing below but the terrain was very steep and cumbersome for my son, let alone my healing back, but my son insisted we get closer.

We did, and after I herd another bugle I really turned it on with raspy chuckles, and branch breaking while the boy turned on his best cow calls.


He was coming in on a frozen rope!

WOW.. all i wanted was a bugle but if the boy could see a bull that would be awesome.

Sure enough, here he comes.

With my son looking over my shoulder at a dark mass of antlers I ranged the bulls path of travel, He was roaring and swinging his head..

I drew my bow and released. The 430grn, single bevel tipped simmons landshark, destroyed the bulls shoulder. Immediately folding him up on the ground, A first for me with a bow.

My son was absolutely speechless.

Though we were only a mile and a half from the truck, the rout was steep and treacherous for a nine year old and a slightly disabled dad. After a drive to cell service and a couple phone calls I realized my only help would be from my wife and our two daughters (one of whom is my sons twin sister).

It was late, dark, and my kids were exhausted and scared when we got the last pack to the truck, and my back was PISSED OFF!

But it was by far one of the most rewarding doses of reality I could give my family. "

Joe & Jolinn Fisher

Joe's 23' SS Drifter outboard jet boat

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