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Bruce Nixon Sends His Thanks for His New Pilothouse!

Bruce Nixon had us build him a new custom 26' SS Pilothouse recently and wanted to share with us a few pictures and letter. What a gorgeous boat it turned out to be and we are happy to see the pictures of a successful summer day out in the salt. Check it out..........

Hi Grant,

Here are some pictures of our new 26' Pilothouse. We have been so busy using and enjoying it! First picture is our moorage on Hood Canal. There are several other popular aluminum Pilothouses in the marina but none can match the workmanship and the performance of our Wooldridge! We have been shrimping, crabbing and as you can see in the second picture fishing (first two coho of the season)! The boat has truly exceeded all of our expectations. Thanks to you and Glen and everyone who did such a great job. How is that new arrival?!


Bruce's boat moored. That thing is slick looking for sure!

We think the smile says it all. Nice coho Bruce! Say, what pattern is that flasher on the ground?

It was great working with you Bruce and thanks for the pics and report!

-Wooldridge Boats

Thank you for the pictures and letter Bruce!


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