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Shawn Haynes recently had us build him a 23' Super Sport Offshore boat. His purpose for the boat was to spend time with the family while fishing, wake boarding, tubing and other water sports. One of our shop employees who is crazy about fishing let him in on one his favorite little secret fishing spots. The one challenge for some in accessing this fishing spot is the incredibly long journey and adverse water conditions that is common in this area's region. Shawn's boat is a perfect candidate for handling this kind of water so he gave it a go a few weeks back. Did he find that this special fishing spot was all cracked up to what was promised? Evidently it was! Check out Shawn's letter and picture report!


Well........Danny from the shop let us in on a little secret river a while back so my brother-in-law Coy and I floated and fished it for 2 days a couple weeks ago. I must say that I was somewhat skeptical but after landing many rainbows and cutthroat in the 18"-21" range, I can say that his reports were spot on! We each had around 25 hook-ups each day and we lost many fish over 20". In fact, in one hole I went a measly 2 for 6 fish landed and Coy was 4 for 8. That's 14 fish played on the fly in just one hole! We did notice what looked to be a 20 pound fish in one hole, but alas it was a chinook and not interested in biting.

In 2 days of fishing, we saw exactly 3 other fisherman. When you add up the scenery, the fishing and the solitude, it was a spectacular trip! Thanks Danny.

My 23' Super Sport Offshore worked out just perfectly for the long journey to the river. You can see from the attached pics that we were loaded for bear (we saw lots of them). We didn't really have a chance to use the down riggers for lake trout or chinook but we'll have to save that for another trip. Thanks again to the whole Wooldridge family. We've only had the boat for a few months but have already logged a number of great family adventures which of course was exactly the plan.

Here are a few attached pics............

Finally made it to the landing.

The scenery from the cabin.

A world class cutthroat on the the dry fly!

Coy with a dandy!

And another......

A nice rainbow...........

The guys and the boat at the entrance of the river which just happens to be the cabin location too! How convenient!

Thanks for the letter and pictures Shawn!

-Wooldridge Boats

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