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A website called Aluminum Alloy Boats.com aluminumalloyboats.com/viewforum.php is a place for regular guys to get together and chat about welded aluminum boats. People who want to talk about lake boats, ocean boats, river boats etc. frequent this site for helpful information on how, why and what kind of boat they would use in each circumstance. All sorts of technical information can be found here from anchors to electronics, you name it! So some of the "regulars" who contribute to the site recently decided to meet in Anchorage Alaska to get to know each other better and do a bit of fishing while they're at it. Looks like they had an awesome time and here are some of the pictures Doug Huntman sent us! Psssst............he owns the 24' SS Pilothouse. Check it out!

All the goodies and loaded up for action!

The crew from left to right........Pete and son Tristan, Les (AAB owner and in back), Scott, Zach (Doug's son and in front), Mark and Doug.

Doug and Zach with a humdinger! That's a ton of halibut when you consider it was caught trolling with mid size salmon gear! Doug had no idea the trolled diamond jig was going to pull a 168 pound barn door with fins off the bottom but you just never know. The nice thing was, he was only fishing in 90 feet of water.

Of course Les wanted a shot at it and we mean literally! The 45 Cal. H&K USP compact was just the tool for the job to make sure the large beast wouldn't harm anyone on board. Nice work Les!

A nice view of the dock at Eshamy Bay Lodge who so kindly allowed moorage of the Pilot-filled group.

Zach with another delicious slab who decided to take a nap on the deck! Zach caught some nice 15 and 20 pound Halis as well!

For Alaska it was unseasonably warm so the guys needed to collect some ice for the coolers.

Wonder why they call this place Icy Bay? Hmmm.

Not only great for ice hunting, Icy Bay's cool waters are home to tasty crustaceans as well! Here is a gallon and a half full of the critters.

A fully loaded (people and fish) Pilothouse heads back to the harbor after a hard days work.

All good things must come to an end. Back at the harbor in Whittier.

What an awesome way to spend some quality time with friends guys! Thanks for sharing the pics and report!

-Wooldridge Boats

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