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Charles Braybrook Catches Multiple Species With His 20' Sport Inboard!

Charles Braybrook came to Wooldridge boats wanting a do it all boat. He ended up deciding on the 20' Sport Inboard model with it's powerful 350 motor and do it all hull. This allows him to go in the choppy great lakes as well as run in shallow rivers! He recently sent us some pictures of all kinds of fish he's been catching and we wanted to share them with all you Wooldridge fans! Check it out...............

A cooler full of steelhead!

A basket full of yellow perch.

Some super tasty walleye! Yum.

Sorry..............couldn't resist!

Alright, back to the fish.......how about a catfish.

Some more steelhead. Can't get enough of them!

Nice work Charles and keep the pics coming! Thanks for looking!

- Wooldridge Boats

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