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Report from Long Time Wooldridge Customer in Interior Alaska!

Phil Pope, who is a long time friend and customer of Wooldridge Boats recently packed it up and went home. What we mean is his home away from home that he has spent many many seasons in the remote interior of Alaska! It's called Pope Landing and it is where his cozy cabin away from it all resides. There are no roads to access Pope Landing, only a creek. Everything must be boated in and this means a lot of weight in supplies for the season. He also must navigate through extreme shallows and side channels and he is able to do this with his 20' Alaskan II. Phil just sent us some pictures and letter from his excursion and we wanted to share it with you. Here it is...........

The ice went out at Shaw Creek last Saturday, which is where we park our boats on the Richardson Hwy., so it was time to haul in the spring supplies. I went to Fairbanks on Monday, picked up my trailer and went shopping. After about six stops and four hours I fueled up truck and drums and headed back to Shaw Creek to load boat and head for home. The water level in the river is quite low this spring because of the cold night time temps. the mountain snow and glaciers are not melting much yet. You can see the normal water level on the rocks in the picture. Low water makes for some tricky navigation in the Tanana which is why we use the Wooldridge 20’ Alaskan II with outboard jet.

Phil Pope

Here Phil readies the boat for the long trek up to the cabin.

Loads of gear and supplies. Notice how low the river is and this location is downstream where there is more water!

Home sweet home!

Thanks for the letter and Photos Phil!

- Wooldridge Boats

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