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Grant Wooldridge & Zach Harter Go Lingin'

May 1 marks the opening day of ling cod season at Possesion Point and Nick Kester of All Star Charters knows where these tasty toothy critters of the deep lurk! Grant Wooldridge and friend Zach Harter joined Nick aboard his custom 26' Woolrdidge SS Pilothouse in search of a limit or two! How did they do? Well, despite the windy and rainy weather conditions that kept them in the warm security of the pilothouse cabin, they put the hurt on the cod this time! Limits for them as well as the others aboard. Even a few bonus cabazons to boot! Looks like fish n' chip are in order for the Harter and Wooldridge families. Here are some of the day's photos.............

Grant and Zach with a handful of lings and a cabezon!

Grant Wooldridge and his big ling that just made the maximum length in the slot limit! Oh yeah!

A close up. Don't get your finger too close!

Nick's 26' SS Offshore Pilothouse Gets it done again! Way to go guys!

- Wooldridge Boats

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