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Dustin Smith: I would like to write and express my thanks to all those at Wooldridge that helped me with purchasing my dream boat. I called Wooldridge one day wanting to simply look around at their boats and see what boat may suit my needs the best. I spoke to Grant Wooldridge and he told me to come in and have a tour.

During the tour Grant answered all my questions, showed me how the boats are made, and had pertinent questions for myself with regards to how many people will you be fishing, what type of fishing, where will you fish etc. Even though I told Grant I may not buy a bought for over a year he still spent over two hours with me that day.

A few days later I met with Glen Wooldridge and through the course of the next four hours, we chatted about fishing, hunting, family, and of course I decided on a boat. I had decided on the 20' Alaskan II as my dream river fishing platform. There was never an akward moment, no negotiating, no hassle, just a fair price on my dream boat.

It took three and a half weeks to finish my boat and I was off to the river! As far as how the boat performs on the river; its incredible. I can free drift through 14 inches of water with three grown men! The Alaskan II shoots out of the hole and on plane in less than three seconds. The handling is insane, the boat just doesn't slide, it turns on a dime, and in ideal conditions will perform in 3 inches of water.

With the jet tunnel technology that Glen Wooldridge pioneered and the four blade stainless impeller, which he still holds a patent, are major functioning aspects of the Wooldridge brand that you can only get from those that copied the jet tunnel or receive the impeller from Glen himself. I rather buy my boat from the man who built it first.

Oh and along the way I made a few friends. Glen, Grant, Rob and Mark, you are all stand up guys. And for all those that built my boat, Don, Luke, outstanding job and I look forward to seeing you all very soon!

Dustin Smith

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