New digital graphics wraps make a big wave!

Wooldridge is once again pushing envelope of design, function, comfort and feel. “The detail and quality on these are amazing” says Grant Wooldridge. “For 2009 we have four different optional designs that folks can choose from True Fire – Stars & Stripe – Diamond Trac and Grass Camo.” There’s a good chance you may have already seen one gliding across many popular NW Rivers or even jumping off the pages of your favorite NW fishing magazines.” Make sure to talk with your local Wooldridge expert for more details on how to get your own! “We also have the capability with digital graphics to use just about any Custom image our customers’ desire!” Continues Grant Wooldridge. For more info on what is involved with Custom Digitals, contact us directly at the factory. 206-722-8998.

Digital Wrap Digital Wrap
Digital Wrap Digital Wrap

Added on 01/15/2009

by Wooldridge Boats


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posted by sarah on 01.05.16 at 05:18

New Graphic

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posted by Gerry on 04.16.16 at 08:16


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