Great Minds and Products: Miller Marine, Wooldridge Boats and Hawg Quest.

It’s a great thing when great minds and products meet.
That’s the short story with Wooldridge Boats, Miller Marine Products and Hawg Quest.

How, you ask?

Short story is that they’re all dedicated to serving fishermen. The expanded version is that they also enjoy each others products.

That’s sort of what found me at Miller Marine the other day, along with my duties at Wooldridge and Hawg Quest.

                (below) Mike Miller of Miller Marine products, along with his new Custom Wooldridge 26’ SS Pilothouse.

Hawg Quest will soon have its second Wooldridge boat.                                

This one of a kind 20' AK XL Tiller with all the trimmings, I mean all the trimmings!

Click her to get a closer look as it is being built!

And, while Wooldridge builds the boats and Miller Marine creates accessories, Hawg Quest fishes it all and Glen Hall tells the world about it on his TV show. Incidentally sponsored by Wooldridge, Miller and an ever-growing list of Hawg Quest supporters, and viewers.

I had a chance to check out Miller’s Shop up close and personal the other day on a trip to Vancouver, WA to pick up some special proto-type “slide rails” that Miller has been testing.

Prior to this point, I had only seen pictures and talked with Mike, so I was truly looking forward to seeing his new design that provides the first ever, 100% slide & lock rail mount system.

Want to be one of the first to see this great new system? The new Hawg Quest Boat will be on display, in the Wooldridge Boats booth at the 2011 Puyallup Sportsman show. January 26th thru 30th.

In addition, I was also excited to see what else Mike is working on for the 2011 year.
Once glance around Mike’s shop and quickly the words, efficient and Impressive come to mind. No doubt, Mike is truly a craftsman. He has designed, custom built and continues to operate nearly every piece of the equipment in the manufacturing process.

Those familiar with Miller Marine products know them as an industry leader in the world of UHMW cleaning & work stations.
Unique, custom sizes and layouts are regular requests, and they offer all parts in either black or white colors.
Not only do these new slide rails function flawless, but they are designed to mount to nearly any surface, so customizing both New and Used boats will be a snap!
These slide rails allow you to quickly mount, move and secure items such as rod holders, drink holders, bait boxes, etc.

Miller is always upgrading, in fact when I was visiting with him a truck had recently dropped off Mike’s newest metal bending break and cutting sheer for his newest projects that include some aluminum components, soon to be placed online and join in with his current CNC table and horizontal mill.

Always good to see US designed and produced parts, as he was unable to find an outsourced vendor that produced the quality and knack for detail that Millers products have become famous for.


Learn out more about Mike and Miller Marine Products at www.millermarineproducts.com 

And yes, Glenn Hall and Hawg Quest are to be found at www.hawgquest.com


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