Check out Wooldridge Boats at #147 at Washington Sportsman's Show Jan. 27-31


Sportsmen's Show
January 27 - 31, 2010

Show Hours
Wednesday: Noon - 8 pm
Thursday: Noon - 8 pm
Friday: Noon - 8 pm
Saturday: 10 am - 8 pm
Sunday: 10 am - 4 pm

Now’s the time to plan a jaunt to the Washington Sportsmen’s Show, Jan. 27-31, and a visit to the Wooldridge Display, #147.

See a few of the Wooldridge Boats that made headlines
this past year, chat with fishing experts and outdoor personalities,
get special buys on boats and anniversary memorabilia and there
will be some discount offers for Puget Sound Charter Blackmouth Trips..

Lower Skykomish / 20' Alaskan XL - Tiller steer

Don’t miss the 95th Anniversary Sport, with special paint and graphics.

The Anniversary Upgrade is available on all models. Ask for more details.


Check out the 29’ SS Pilothouse that NFL Pro Bowler/Outdoor Line
co-host Rob Tobeck is raving about. Both Rob Tobeck and Glen Wooldridge
took this beauty out and put her thru the paces. So Grant took along the
video camera to capture Click here to see more!


Glenn Hall of Hawgquest (Fox Sports Northwest)
will be in the Wooldridge Display 10a.m.-2p.m. on
Saturday and Sunday to chat fishing, offer show
insights and a super hot deal on Collector Edition
DVDs signed (by Hall and Bob, Glen and Grant Wooldridge)
Featuring both episodes of the Wooldridge Return to the Rogue River at ½ price—only $5.
Glenn lives in Southern Oregon, but you can often find him towing and fishing out of his 20' Wooldridge Alaskan XL
to the lakes, bays and of course challanging rivers.


Capt.Nick Kester of All Star Charters will be at the Wooldridge display
Friday and Saturday evening and Sunday midday to share salmon fishing tactics
on his 26’ SS Pilothouse. He’s on the water 200 days a year in this boat helping
folks get at the best of fishing. All Star Charters has also been recognized by
King TV s the “Best of Western Washington.” Nick will be handing out a limited
number of discounted trips to join him for a day of blackmouth fishing in his Wooldridge.


Lookout for other Wooldridge Boats guides in the booth to talk fishing and tactics with!
Master of the center console, Bonner Daniels is one of the
"Young Guns" everyone is keeping their eyes on!

Lake Stevens, WA

Tom Nelson of Outdoor Line will stop by the Wooldridge display to answer questions after his show seminars.
When not in the Seattle Studio, you can often find Tom cruzin his 23' Super Sport Drifter


Of course the Wooldridge crew will be on hand throughout most of the show to answer questions, show boats and discuss outdoor fun.

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