Another 20 Foot Pilothouse Heading Out The Door!


Another 20 Foot Pilothouse Heading Out the Door! 

This 20' Sport Offshore Pilothouse was custom designed with specific features to accommodate the customer's needs. The smaller version Pilothouse model will fit perfectly into the customers boat house and we installed a side door for entering and exiting the boat on the port side where the dock is located. Of course, Idaho can get extremely cold at times so we installed a forced air diesel fueled heater / defroster for comfort. This in conjunction with the large two piece windshield and you have absolute maximum visibility! Check out some pictures from our build files on this one!

It's really what's inside that matters most. All kidding aside, first, a quality constructed boat starts out with an extensive structure design.

Another look.............

Visibility is a very important factor for safety while boating. The large two- piece windshield and side windows maximize visibility! Air ride seats make the ride comfortable for traveling in less than ideal water conditions.

The large deck with large fish box/ sink includes UHMW lids that double as a cutting board. Downrigger brackets are also standard. You can see the optional port side door for easy access in and out of the boat!

Maximizing space in the cabin is equally important. This customer opted out of the optional stand-up head for more seating and storage boxes.

Another view of the deck that shows the superior quality Diamond Sea Glaze door and window glass. Did we mention that visibility is important?

Every bit of usable space has been thought out so if one wants to enjoy a nap under the cuddy with comfortable upholstery, he can! Also notice the "DSG" glass windows on both sides of the cuddy!

Another view looking at the cabin from the entrance of the cuddy.

A view of the side door from the outside.

Full length, wide walk- around gunnels allow easy access around the exterior of the boat. This feature is important when storing supplies, dinghies etc on the roof top.

She's a beauty!

A view from the other side......

Thanks for checking out this weeks "What's Happening"!

- Wooldridge Boats

Added on 07/20/2012

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